I am a Certified Health Coach through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, a certified Pilates and TRX [ 1 ]  instructor, and have a bachelor’s degree from Antioch University. I live in beautiful Olympia, Washington, a community that supports and understands the importance of local foods, organic farms, farmers markets and sustainable agriculture.

I am a busy mom of two girls, whom I raise with my husband of 15 years. 

In part, my health journey began as a way to instill a healthy lifestyle and love of whole foods for and with my family. 

I have never been the model image of a health and fitness instructor. I have always been on the heavier side and struggled with this most of my life. What I have realized is that there is no truth to the “perfect image"; it is really how we feel about ourselves that matters. Once I could truly look at myself without criticism and negativity, and instead feel love and respect, I began my real journey. 

Life is a work in progress and I am just that: constantly working and learning about myself. I now nourish my body with whole foods and take time to care for myself in ways that nurture and feed my soul. I am not concerned with perfection or my size, but with spending my energy on living a life that I love.

Working with women and supporting them through the balancing act of life inspires me. I want to help people who want a partner on this journey and who are ready to commit to lifestyle changes that will enrich their lives in amazing ways. 

It is time for us to know our inner beauty and project it out in the world.